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Nowadays, typing is an essential skill for government exam aspirants and office personnel. And so everyone should learn computer typing and try to achieve a good typing speed.

You can differentiate yourself from the crowd by acquiring the skills of computer typing. In addition to learning touch typing, it is important to regularly check typing speed.

Welcome to our unique online typing test and practice tool. Here you can check your english typing speed and skill.

How to start online English typing test web application?

To start the online English typing speed test tool follow the steps given below:

Step1: First, Enter your name in the login window

Step2: Choose a timer (you can select a time limit of 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes from the option for your English typing test)

Step3: Select the paragraph (there are lots of test paragraphs are given for your English typing practice, you can choose any of them)

Step4: Set word limit (By default this feature is disabled and you have to type the entire paragraph in choosen duration, but if you want to write specific number of words in your chosen time period then you can enable this feature and put the number of words in given box)

Step5: Backspace (By default this feature is enabled so that you can use backspace if there is an error during your English speed typing test, but you can disable this feature if you do not want to use backspace during a typing test. ),

Step6: Highlight and Autoscroll ( By default this option is also enabled so if you typed an incorrect word it will be shown in red colour, the correct typed word will be shown in green, and the next word which you have to type will be shown in yellow, If you don’t want to use this feature you can disable it)

Step7: Then, click on the Start Typing Test button. After a while a new test window will emerge, where you can assess your online English typing speed.

Step8: To start the test, Click on the white box in typing test window where “Start typing here” is written.

#Note: The countdown will start when you type your first letter so that you can check your progress in real-time.

Features of online English typing test web tool

This online typing test application provide you fast and accurate tools to test your English typing speed online.

The English typing test tool is designed with the utmost accuracy to deliver great user experience and performance.

Here are some feature of this online English Typing test tool.

The typing test window will show real-time data such as Gross Word Per Minute (GWPM), Net Word Per Minute (NWPM), Accuaracy, and Time Left, so that you can check your progress in real-time

The English Typing test tool also has this useful feature of highlight (By default it is enabled but you can disable it from login window). If you typed an incorrect word it will be shown in red colour, the correct typed word will be shown in green, and the next word which you have to type will be shown in yellow.

As soon as the time is over or you hit the submit button, you will get your overall performance result where you can check lots of useful metrics so that you can change your skills accordingly.

Benefits of online English typing test software

Typing is an important skill for anyone using a computer. The faster and more accurate you are typing, the more, the more you can focus on what you are working on. Slow typing and fixing typing errors divert your attention from what you are trying to achieve (writing emails, filling forms, writing text etc.). Use this advanced online typing test tool to find out your typing speed and accuracy.

Touch typing is not easy for beginners, you need to be patient. To become an expert on English typing you have to practice more. Practice is important to improve your English typing skills.

The more you use this online English typing test tool, the more your typing speed will increase. After each test, we give you detailed result. It includes metrics about your speed, typed keystrokes, backspace taken, and errors you make. All those details are important to improve your typing speed. Note, accuracy is more important than speed. So whenever you do an online typing test, remember not to force yourself to type too fast, as this can reduce your accuracy rate.

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